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« : Май 23, 2005, 02:45:07 pm »
We don’t allow here:
1. Rude language in any form
2. Discussing Administrator’s actions outside the topic “Жалобы и Предложения” (complaints and proposals)
3. Off-topics and multiposting.
4. To take things personal
5. To insult each other.
5. Negative statements about any other race, religion and sex.

If you think that the moderator deleted your message unfairly, you should write the moderator a personal message, a letter or try to discuss this question with him via ICQ. Public discussion of the moderator’s action is forbidden.

If the moderator doesn’t reply to your inquiry, please, write a letter (containing detailed description of the issue) to the address admin@bonjovi-live.ru.

Everybody must indicate the truly information in the PROFILE. It is obligatory to write where you live.

Forum is a place for communication. The users, who keep silent for a long time, will have their accounts deleted.
-   Users who have 0 messages within a week from the moment of registration.
-   Users who have <50 messages and don’t write anything for 1 month.
-   Users who have 51-99 messages and don’t write anything for 2 months.
-   Users who have 100-749 messages and don’t write anything for 6 months.
-   Users who have more than 750 messages and don’t write anything in the course of one year.
Exceptions to the rule are those users who made an important contribution to development of this site.

If you break these rules, you will be subjected to the punishment as follows:
- You will be temporarily banned (from 24 hours to 14 days depending on the malignant character of your deed);
- You will be banned for good;
- Your registration will be cancelled and all your messages will be deleted.

If you don’t agree with these rules, you are welcome to find another place for communication.