Live video / 1998/05/02 JBJ - Ischgl, Austria

1998/05/02 JBJ - Ischgl, Austria 60 min, 1 mpg file (605 mb)
Также существует в виде VCD (1 VCD)
Audience, Качество: Низкое
ВИДЕО: 352 x 288 (11:9), 25,000 Гц
АУДИО: 44100 Гц, Стерео, 224 Кбит/сек

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart (cut), You Give Love A Bad Name, Midnight In Chelsea, Destination Anywhere, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Billy Get Your Guns, August 7; 4:15, Prayer '94, Naked, Keep The Faith, Bad Medicine, Ugly, Janie Don't Take Your Love To Town, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Treat Her Right