Пасхальные яйца от BON JOVI

Официальная информация: на бонусном ДВД бокс-сета "100,000,000 BON JOVI FANS CAN'T BE WRONG" группа спрятала 5 кусочков видео (ничтожно коротких), доступ к которым можно получить проделав некоторые "секретные" манипулиции. Подумав, что не у всех фанов самостоятельно хватило серого вещества в черепных коробоках чтобы отыскать эти бонуса, в связи с приближающейся Пасхой, группа раскрывает секреты (далее следует текст с официального сайта без перевода, ведь без знания инглиша только редкостные мазахисты будут смотреть этот ДВД):

1. RIDE THE SNAKE - On the MAIN MENU put the HIGHLIGHT on the GREEN BONUS PASS. Press the down-arrow on your DVD remote THREE times and the clip will play automatically. The clip is of the band leaving the dressing room and walking towards the stage.

2. LOVE FOR OBIE - During the chapter 'MISS FOURTH OF JULY' Jon talks about running a corporation and the visual clip of Jon getting off the band's plane is the key to accessing the Easter Egg. When the clip of Jon getting off the plane is on your screen, press the ENTER or OK button on your DVD remote. The original clip will play in its entirety with a special message from Richie to Obie.

3. JON MEETS GEORGE MARTIN - From the MAIN MENU, select the GREEN BONUS PASS, then select the BAND MESSAGES pass. Put the highlight on JON's picture and with the arrows on your DVD remote, press the following combinations: DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, UP, UP. On the third press of the up arro, the initials 'JB' will automatically pop up. Press the ENTER or OK button on your DVD remote at this point to access the footage of Jon Bon Jovi working in a London recording studio with Sir George Martin. Sir George Martin, the Beatles' producer, worked with Jon on The Glory of Gershwin, a George Gerswin tribute album. Jon performed 'How Long Has This Been Going On' featuring Richie Sambora on guitar.

4. SO YOU WANNA BE A ROAD MANAGER? When the previous Easter Egg's initials 'JB' pop up, don't press the Enter or OK button on your DVD remote. INSTEAD, press the ARROWS on your DVD remote in the following combinations to have another bonus clip automatically play: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT. The footage is an outtake from the VH-1 Command The Band contest/program. The two finalists are at the Amsterdam Airport where they meet the band (well, not all of them) for the first time...

5. ASS TECH - From the MAIN MENU, select the GREEN BONUS PASS, then select the PHOTO PASS. Proceed to the last photo in the Photo Gallery by pressing NEXT. On the last photo, put the highlight on BONUS MENU and press the arrow buttons on your DVD remote in the following combination to access the bonus clip automatically: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. Richie needs a pillow - this is classic BJTV footage included for those who didn't see it online.
Alexander Smolin.