Угадай оригинальные названия песен Bon Jovi

Keep The Face

Try Count It

It's My Wife

King Of Mounting

Raze Your Hands

Thank You For Lovin' Meat

I'll Be Live

You Give Laugh A Bat Name

All Ways

Lay Your Heads On Meal

Silk Is Fashion: Annie, Wear!

Gold Hard

Startin' Of The "Windows" With The Hammer In My Hands

Never Made Good Buy

Little Bit Of Salt

Bad Mad Is Sin

Sweemin' In Sea

I Won Too

Place Of Lorry

Stick To Your Guys

69 It's The Shame?

Lover Sail

Gloove Lights

Wanted Death Or A Life

Evil Was Your Mother

While Is The Wind

Sleep When I'm Dad

Bed Of Frosen


Bird To Be My Parrot

Violet Fight

Get Read It

England Out Of Life

Miss Three Trains

Lullaby Laughin' You

Drug Away

Heart Test Ask Is The Wine