Стихотворные переводы песен Bon Jovi и не только :-D

Стихотворные переводы (автор: Lutecia )




I'll sleep when I'm dead

My guitar lies bleeding in my arms

Something To Believe In

This ain't a love song

Стихотворные переводы (автор: Helga)

Father Time

The Hardest Part Is The Night

I Believe

If I Was Your Mother

I'll Be There For You

(It's Hard) Letting You Go

It's My Life

I Want You

One Light Burning

Only Lonely

Shot Through The Heart

Something To Believe In

Thank You For Loving Me

Two Story Town

You Give Love A Bad Name

Wild Is The Wind

Стихотворные переводы (автор: Дмитрий Лычагин)

All About Lovin' You


Blood on Blood

Born To Be My Baby


Dry County


Hearts Breaking Even

In These Arms

It`s My Life

Just Older

Livin' In Sin

Livin' On A Prayer

Real Life

Save The World

Say It Isn't So

Something For The Pain

Something To Believe In

The Distance

These Days

This Ain't A Love Song


Wild Is The Wind

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